Antonio Agudo

Spanish painter, drawer, engraver and professor of painting, born and residing in Seville, Spain.


New Exhibition March 2022

After Covid hibernation, one of the exhibitions planned for the artist’s work is finally here. “Antonio Agudo and Drawing” opens today in the Laraña Space at the Facultad de Bellas Artes de Sevilla (Seville’s School of Fine Arts) and runs until March 23rd.

More information (in Spanish only, but web translators might provide) available HERE.


Master Classes for Cadiz’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts

It’s been a while since the last post although not for lack of news. We’ve updated the list of individual exhibitions the artist has done in the last 5 years, such as Discovering America for the Alcala de Guadaira Museum of Contemporary Arts in 2017 and again for the Haurie Gallery in Seville earlier this year, as well as others in Seville and Huelva.

Another one of the activities that have increased since the painter’s retirement from academic teaching, have been his imparting of master classes for different foundations, museums and organisations. Presently, Agudo is giving two masterclasses this October: on life drawing on the 9th and 10th and watercolour on the 21st and 22nd. Both take place at the Cajasol Foundation in Cádiz and are part of the Cadiz’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts education and cultural programme. Agudo was made a member of the Academy in 2015.

Below is a trailer from the 1st day of classes today, made for the newspaper Diario de Cadiz.


Latest Works and Limited Prints
Storm 4

As part of the current collection Agudo is working on titled America. Between Iguazu and The Copper Canyon, which will be exhibited next year, the five watercolours that form the polyptychtitled Storm have been made into prints in a limited run of 50 of each. They are all also signed by the artist.

The prints have been made by Seville’s poster gallery L’Image, who are selling them from their gallery and online.

To see the rest of the works that form the polyptych, have a look at our new page Latest Works.


Agudo to become a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Cadiz

Antonio Agudo has been selected to become part of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Cadiz. The investiture will take place on the 22nd of June. A fellow painter, the president of the Prado Museum’s Royal Board and an art historian have also been selected as new members.

Agudo has had a long artistic and personal relationship with the city of Cadiz. During his childhood, his family moved to Cadiz from Seville for two years while his father was the director of the graphics department for the newspaper Diario de Cadiz. Since then, Agudo has featured the city and coastal villages and landscapes in different collections during his career.

His last exhibition in Cadiz was last summer in the historic Castle of Santa Catalina. Below are some photos of the painter at the exhibition.


Between Cadiz, Mexico and Other Shores

Castle of Santa Catalina, Cádiz

22 May to September 7 -Touring

Upcoming Exhibition and New Works

On the occasion of the painter’s next exhibition, we’ve updated the three galleries on the page with recent works. The exhibition, entitled “Between Mexico, Cadiz and other waters”, will open on the 23rd May this year at the Castle of Santa Catalina in the city of Cadiz. The Castle, which faces La Caleta Beach, was ordered to be built by King Felipe II in 1598, after the English assault on the city. It has been recently restored and reopened to the public in January of this year. It’s exclusively for cultural use, housing exhibitions and summer concerts. For our English speaking visitors and Bond fans, here’s a link with more info, photos and location of the castle on the James Bond website, since part of Die Another Day was filmed in Cádiz, the castle featuring in the background in a scene. After its inauguration and time in Cadiz, the exhibition will continue to Jerez and finally Algeciras, lasting until October 2014. We will publish more information and links about the exhibition closer to the date. We hope you enjoy the painter’s new works. For any queries, you can write to the address on the contact page.


Latest Work
One of the four new large watercolours on the Canyon
Antonio y Pilar

Under the heat of a Seville summer in the middle of August, Agudo works tirelessly on new works and ideas. From his previous collection of watercolours on the Mexican Copper Canyon he extracts more and more minimal and abstract expressions of the otherworldliness that attracted him from the location years ago.

On the human figure, he’s working on a new series of charcoal drawings of his wife Pilar Sanchiz, who’s been a constant in his figurative paintings since they met more than 40 years ago.


New collection of Watercolours

Agudo continues his close connection to México, also, from a few years back, due to family ties, and visits the country every year. On one of those trips, he discovered a new extraordinary destination and new pictorial theme in the Copper Canyon, or rather, canyons, since it’s made up of 20 different natural canyons and crests. Situated in the state of Chihuahua, in the Tarahumara mountains, which are part of the Eastern side of the Sierra Madre mountain range, they are only accessible by train, the famous Chihuahua-Pacific or Chepe. The canyon’s volcanic rock gives the walls a copper-green colour, where the name originates. From that trip originates a new collection of watercolours, on which he has been working for the last two years.

The Finished Portrait
El retrato finalizado

The portrait of the former President of the Spanish Estate Council, Sr. D. José Manuel Romay Becaría, that Agudo started to work on at the end of 2008, was completed and presented in Madrid last November 2009.


Antonio at Work on a Current Commission

The artist started work on an portrait commissioned by the Spanish government in November 2008. The portrait of the former President of the Spanish Estate Council will be ready and unveiled in November 2009.

In the photos, Antonio is hard at work in his studio in Seville last July, finalizing the composition and choice of head and hands for the portrait in its final proportions. Before such process, and particularly for portraits, the artist likes to try different compositions and choices of details in small colour sketches.

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