Spanish painter, drawer, engraver and professor of painting, born and residing in Seville.

January 6, 2010 at 8:00 pm posted in commissions, news

The finished portrait

The portrait of the former President of the Spanish Estate Council, Sr. D. José Manuel Romay Becaría, that Agudo started to work on at the end of 2008, was completed and presented in Madrid last November 2009.

The finished portrait

The finished portrait


September 19, 2009 at 7:43 pm posted in commissions, news

Antonio at work on a current commission

The artist started work on an portrait commissioned by the Spanish government in November 2008. The portrait of the former President of the Spanish Estate Council will be ready and unveiled in November 2009.

In the photos, Antonio is hard at work in his studio in Seville last July, finalizing the composition and choice of head and hands for the portrait in its final proportions. Before such process, and particularly for portraits, the artist likes to try different compositions and choices of details in small colour sketches.

Trabajando en el retrato final

Retocando la cabeza

Una de las pruebas pequeñas en el suelo detrás del pintor

Detalle de la mesa para mezclar y pinceles

El retrato