Spanish painter, drawer, engraver and professor of painting, born and residing in Seville.

May 2, 2014 at 5:23 pm posted in exhibitions, news

Upcoming Exhibition and New Works

On the occasion of the painter’s next exhibition, we’ve updated the three galleries on the page with recent works. The exhibition, entitled “Between Mexico, Cadiz and other waters”, will open on the 23rd May this year at the Castle of Santa Catalina in the city of Cadiz. The Castle, which faces La Caleta Beach, was ordered to be built by King Felipe II in 1598, after the English assault on the city. It has been recently restored and reopened to the public in January of this year. It’s exclusively for cultural use, housing exhibitions and summer concerts. For our English speaking visitors and Bond fans, here’s a link with more info, photos and location of the castle on the James Bond website, since part of Die Another Day was filmed in Cádiz, the castle featuring in the background in a scene. After its inauguration and time in Cadiz, the exhibition will continue to Jerez and finally Algeciras, lasting until October 2014. We will publish more information and links about the exhibition closer to the date. We hope you enjoy the painter’s new works. For any queries, you can write to the address on the contact page.